Kathy W.

“When we moved my parents from New England to Central Ohio more than a dozen years ago we were totally unprepared for the emotional pitfalls of the process. The downsizing we had hoped to accomplish was lost in debating about which items would make the trip and why. So when it was time for my 94-year-old mother to move into assisted living from her 1800-square-foot condo she was no less determined to take along everything that had come from NH to Ohio. Time to call an expert!

Samantha Stearns from Songbird was very responsive to our request. She came to meet with mother and I at both locations more than once, assessed what needed to be done and how we would begin to sort, giving us several options, even researching where we might donate or sell some items. Having an outside party to help us was the ticket! Her vision for practicality and organization was needed–where my mother may not have listened to my suggestions, she listened to Sam. When I wanted to take some of the discarded items home, I listened to Sam. As for cost, Songbird worked closely with our budget and in a timely and professional manner completed the job.

For some, downsizing can be a painful process. We found Songbird to be sensitive to our situation and beneficial in helping mother to get past some of those emotional attachments to move forward. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is assisting a parent or has begun the process themselves.”