We offer complete relocation services–managing a move from start to finish–so that you or your loved ones don’t have to deal with the stress of moving. We coordinate all aspects of transitional living by offering a la carte services designed to make downsizing, moving and transitioning as simple as possible.

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All projects start with a complimentary consultation. The consultation is a meeting to walk through the property and complete a thorough questionnaire to further evaluate the needs of each client. All services are addressed in order to help make the upcoming move as stress-free as possible. Services are provided a la carte to accommodate the needs of each transition. As a result, a personalized action plan is presented along with a written contract.

Our specialty is move management during a downsizing transition. This typically relates to clients living in a residence of several decades who are facing a move to a much smaller space. This process can be quite overwhelming for any family. Consider us your single point of contact during this process. We have reliable resources for every aspect of the move and can oversee all details on your behalf. Details include:

  • Space Planning: selecting appropriate furnishings for new residence
  • Coordinating reputable movers
  • Packing
  • Unpacking

Packing coupled WITH unpacking is our specialty. We have procedures in place that greatly minimize the timing of this process. When these services are combined, a move can be completed in as little as two days with minimal disruption to your routine. We also remove any boxes and supplies used, so you can feel comfortable in your new home immediately.

Move-in design is based on Interior Redesign: the concept of decorating by utilizing your existing furnishings. After your favorite furniture is selected for the new space, they are showcased through proper set-up. We also take into account any special needs so the new home is functional and comfortable from day one. Furthermore, we are happy to manage the cable TV and Internet device set up/configuration upon move in.

Our estate dispersal services are designed to help a family when they need it most. Whether an entire house is to be liquidated or it’s a unit in a retirement community, we can help minimize stress on a family by cleaning out any size estate. We help:

  • Categorize furnishings: distribute to family, sell, donate, or dispose
  • Supervise removal of categorized furnishings (auction, consignment, charity/donation, disposal)
  • Prepare for proper disposal of personal documents, chemicals, mattresses etc.
  • Coordinate vendors: obtain estimates from enhancement service providers (handyman, painting, flooring, landscaping etc.) and schedule their services
  • Schedule cleaning: general, carpet, window