About us

Dear prospective clients and future friends,

First and foremost – please know that this business is deeply personal to us.  We entirely understand what life changes are happening for you and often at a much quicker pace than you may feel ready for. The day after I graduated college my mother was in a severe motorcycle accident that changed the course of life and instantly introduced me to caregiving for a loved-one in ways I never anticipated. A few years later, my husband- Lucas and I downsized my parents’ home after growing up there for 18 years. Since then, we’ve also relocated my grandmother to various locations from apartment living to skilled nursing facilities as she ages gracefully.

In fact, Lucas and I met while turning apartments and managing the renovations, as well as turn-key design of 480 units over 15 years ago! We’ve been doing this work together, since the beginning of Us. We’ve moved so many friends and family members throughout the country that we acutely understand the human connection people have to their belongings.  We fully understand that every move isn’t about the house – it’s about relocating the home.  With our Songbird team we have thoroughly enjoyed assisting various families throughout Eastern Columbus and the greater surrounding areas in this exact life transition.  We know it needs extra support, care and compassion – and we approach our work with this in mind.

Prior to life as Songbird Transitions – Luke and I worked in project and property management. My experience in project coordination and event planning has prepared me to work through the finest of details to ensure everything is handled and managed appropriately for your family’s transition.  I will pay meticulous attention to detail which is beneficial for the design of an estate move-out and re-design of a move-in.  This skill set is essential for effective downsizing and space planning.  Most importantly, I enjoy working directly with each family to include them in as much (or as little) of the process as needed.  So often families do not live in the same towns as their loved-ones and I like to think that we can be that family member for you.  And, if you do live in the same vicinity we found that it often takes a voice, an un-related voice, to help enable folks with the ability to detach from some of those possessions that perhaps they wouldn’t otherwise part with.  Luke’s career in property management has made him an expert at property turn-over including, but not limited to, cleaning, painting, home improvement, mechanicals etc.  We are keenly aware of how to efficiently and effectively manage a move from start to finish.

Those are the boring resume details. The most important thing we can share with you is that we love this work. It is important work because its you, your family and your home. It needs integrity, kindness and an optimistic energy during what can be a challenging and stressful time. Please take a moment and read our clients testimonials and consider giving us a call. Not only do we have the experience, we care for the work and we love to help families when they need it most.

Sincerely and with gratitude,

Samantha Jean